An experiment to visualize how smooth and performant the bootstrap framework is.

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What is this project?

This project is a way to run tests to measure how well the bootstrap framework renders on a web browser. It runs the tests for from version 1.0 to the latest version, for each component in the framework. Results are stored in a couchdb database and graphs are plotted from metrics like frame rates, time spent for style calculations, layouts, etc.

How are the tests run?

Each component for every version of the library is rendered on a webpage 200 times. This webpage is then scrolled vertically while we measure how smooth the scroll is.
The tests are run using browser-perf , which is a port of the Chromium's performance test suite called telemetry.

Why were these tests run?

It is hard to improve something without measuring it. The metrics across different versions provide interesting insights into how the library has evolved, and how browsers have become better. Keeping an eye on the performance while developing the library can ensure that bootstrap stays smooth.


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